About Paranormaltaskforce: Paranormal Task Force ~ Nancy Vandereich "Might create a lone human character." "I-I'm extremely horny! So please help me!" Nancy blushed darkly as she'd stroked her cock underneath, her desk.~ ~Rape. Roleplay. Academy. Police school. Romance. Incest. Mind-break. Fucked silly.~ Name: Nancy Vandereich Race: Clone Gender: Futanari Age: About 8 years old. Skin tone: Fair Hair color: Blonde Eye color: Blue Appearance: Nancy walks around wearing a standerd navy uniform, but instead of a skirt, she wears pants to hide her large shaft. / Occupation: Paranormal Task Force Academy Instructor / Council women of the P.T.F.A Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Sexual position: Dominant. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Paranormal Task Farms ~ Jessy Smithe "I need a farm hand, I'm willing to pay them. But they have to be feminine and willing to work for me." Jessy smiled lightly as she'd put up, posters for a farm hand.~ ~Romance. Roleplay. Rape. Horse girl. Aliens. Fantasy. Mind break. Impregnation.~ Name: Jessy Smithe Race: Horse girl Gender: Futanari Age: 25 Skin tone: Abit fair. Hair color: Blonde. Eye color: Light green. Appearance: Jessy usually wears nothing but boots & a cowgirl hat.~ Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Sexual Position: Dominant & loving